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Last updated on: 09th Dec 2020
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With over 200 million stock images, vectors, videos, and even 360-degree panoramic images, Alamy is a stock photography platform that has a great attraction to both contributors as buyers.

They keep it simple and hassle-free: no subscriptions, credits, or registration. If you like an image, just click-and-buy.

To some customers, registering on a website and/or buying credits is an impediment. 
Alamy took that away for their customers.

To you, as a contributor, Alamy has a lot of benefits. Not only will you get a lot of exposure as your images are going to be used all around the globe, but you will also get tools to analyze the needs of their customers. This way you can focus on what sells.

Why you should try Alamy

What makes Alamy special is their view on contributors: As a contributor, you have full control over what you upload, as long as it meets their Quality Criteria of course.

From what I read it is not just words, as Alamy really believes in this approach. And as Alamy pays out over 1 million each month to its contributors, this approach seems to be working!


If you are a student, and you are looking for sites to sell your images, then Alamy has a special offer: You will get a 100 percent commission for the first two years!
Spend some time on your photographs, upload, tag them, and maybe you have a new way to fund that tuition. 

Signing Up

What more can I tell you? Visit their website and sign up to get started right away!

Registering is quite common, as you register with your email address, confirm it, and fill out your profile.
Next, make sure you understand their Quality guidelines and you should be uploading those beautiful pictures in no time.

According to Alamy, they are available to their customers worldwide within 24 hours.

Website: Alamy
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