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Last updated on: 14th Feb 2021
Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the links on The Side Gig Longlist are affiliate links.
This means that if you click on that link and purchase an item I will get a commission, at no extra cost to you!

These free blogging courses may get you a headstart if you are a new blogger or help you boost your existing blog to the next level.

Blogging is a great way to both express yourself and create a (passive) income stream.

I deliberately placed ‘passive’ between parentheses because blogging takes a lot of hard work. Passive refers to the fact that your posts may remain on the Internet forever and its ads or affiliate links will generate income accordingly. Now. Back to the hard work. 
Even if you are a natural and writing doesn’t take you any effort at all, there are a lot of different factors that can contribute to the success -or failure- of your blog.

Tech, SEO, Marketing

These are just a couple of things you will encounter when starting your blog.

Sure. You can start right away on a free blogging platform and there is nothing wrong with that, but it can have an impact on your ranking in Google. And you write to be read right?

You could host your blog yourself. I have mine with Hostinger and that gives me a lot more freedom to customize things that might improve the traffic. You could do without it, but a basic understanding of the tech will help you to do so much more with it.

And do you have an idea about how to make money with it? Or do you expect that people will click those affiliate links and ads just because they are on your page? And how did they find your page? 

The following courses will really help you to get your blog started and I hope to add a course of myself one day. Until then, this post contains all the steps you need to start your blog: How to Start a Blog as a Newbie

Learning From Other Bloggers

What is great about a lot of these courses is that they are given by bloggers that have been there and learned the hard lessons. And now, they want to teach what they have learned to you.

These free courses are often intended to give you a taste of the quality of the paid courses. That does not make them less valuable.
In fact, the better and useful they are, the bigger the chance that you will subscribe to a paid one, so don’t let these opportunities pass.

Even if they only contained two or three things that you didn’t know, they are already worth your time.

The List

  • Free Blog Traffic Boost Challenge
    I tried this

    Website: Free Blog Traffic Boost Challenge

    Ana of The She Approach has a lot of courses. One of the courses I believe to be very useful to bloggers is her “Tweak & Peak” 7 Days Blog Traffic Boost Email Challenge For Bloggers.

    In this email course, which will take 7 days obviously, Ana will teach Bloggers what they need to do to improve on their blog to increase traffic.

    More about Free Blog Traffic Boost Challenge here

  • Free Blog Launch Blueprint
    I tried this

    Website: Free Blog Launch Blueprint

    Moms Make Cents, another successful and popular blog, is running for over 4 years now and is maintained by McKinzie.

    It is about helping (other) moms to help build blogs and business and therefore it makes sense that she also has some courses available.

    Her Free Blog Launch Blueprint will help you if you are a new blogger, even if you are not a mom.More about Free Blog Launch Blueprint here

  • Free Affiliate Marketing Course

    Website: Free Affiliate Marketing Course

    Free affiliate marketing courses? Yep! Ana from The She Approach has just the one for you.
    I do need to admit that I am a very big fan of Ana. In my defense, she does have a way to explain complicated things in an understandable way and she can teach you all you need to know about blogging.

    That includes the part of earning money with your blog, so let me tell you a bit of what you can expect from her free affiliate marketing course.

    More about Free Affiliate Marketing Course here

Wrapping It Up

Like I wrote before, blogging is hard work, and if you want to take your blog to the next level or if you are just starting out, then the lessons of experienced bloggers are very useful. It will save you the time to figure things out yourself or prevent you from making common mistakes.

The courses in this list may have given you a bit of insight into what blogging involves.

What Do You Think?

Did you try these courses? Do you think that they are valuable or are a waste of your time?
Did they help you to start a blog or did they take your blogging career to the next level?

Leave a comment and share this post if you like it. 

Thank you for reading! You are awesome! 

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