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Last updated on: 14th Jul 2021
Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the links on The Side Gig Longlist are affiliate links.
This means that if you click on that link and purchase an item I will get a commission, at no extra cost to you!
  • VIPKid

    Website: VIPKid

    VIPKid provides an international learning experience to children between the age of 4 to 12 in China. They offer fully immersive one-on-one English language instructions provided online by highly qualified teachers.

    Because of the high quality of education, they do require their applicants to have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

    More about ‘VIPKid’ here

  • Skooli

    Website: Skooli

    Better grades start at Skooli. They offer instant online tutoring in all subjects, anytime and anywhere.

    Skooli offers an extensive list of subjects in math, language, science, business, and more. 
    They have tutors available for all levels, from elementary school to academic studies.

    More about ‘Skooli’ here

  • VIPX

    Website: VIPX

    VIPX students are young language learners from China between the ages of 3-14. Most of them are in highly-competitive academic and extra-curricular programs. 

    To keep these high standards they only accept participants with a Bachelors’s degree.

    More about ‘VIPX’ here

  • Magic Ears

    Website: Magic Ears

    The Magic Ears website will put a smile on your face just by visiting it. 
    This company provides an innovative, online English learning platform for students from 4 to 12 years old.

    If you want to work with them you will have to speak English at an idiomatic level and at least hold a bachelor’s degree. 
    They also require a 120-hour ESL Certification (tip: they offer a fully- accredited advanced TESOL course for just $20)

  • Udacity

    Website: Udacity

    Udacity is a platform that offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). They were founded in 2011 and began as an experiment in global online learning. 
    Now, over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries already enrolled.

    There are opportunities for mentors and instructors. Instructors develop their own courses by creating lessons, videos, projects, quizzes, and self-assessments.

  • Varsity Tutors

    Website: Varsity Tutors
    Available in: US

    Would you like to become an independent contractor, teaching in your own style and with your own methods and materials?
    Varsity Tutors connects students with over 18,000 private tutors nationally.

  • Experfy

    Website: Experfy

    You don not always need to stand in front of a (virtual) classroom to become a teacher. One of the really popular ways to spread (and sell) your knowledge is by creating courses.

    Experfy provides courses in several engineering and analytical topics, as well as web development, blockchain, robotics, and more.

  • SkimaTalk

    Website: SkimaTalk

    Would you not love to teach students all around the world from the comfort of your own home? And to be able to set your own schedule?

    And, not in the least, get paid for it?

    If you are a native English speaker then SkimaTalk may be a great opportunity for a side gig for you.

  • Brainfuse

    Website: Brainfuse
    Available in: US

    Brainfuse has a lot of experience connecting people that want to learn with those loving to teach or tutor. Their clients are students of all ages, but also job seekers that need a hand.

    Good work is compensated and rewarded, and there are opportunities for promotions based on your performance.

  • Wyzant

    Website: Wyzant

    Wyzant is a platform that facilitates students and tutors to find 1-on-1 tutoring opportunities in areas like math, science, English, language, test preps, and more.

    Before you continue: at the moment they require applicants to live in the United States, so they are unable to provide accounts if you live outside the US.

  • Qkids Teacher

    Website: Qkids Teacher

    Qkids uses their own online education platform to connect English teachers to over 1 million international students in the age of 4 to 12.

    As a teacher (U.S. and Canada only) you can set your own schedule, working from home.

  • Dada

    Website: Dada

    Dada offers a one-on-one English learning experience to children aged 4 to 16. They enable them to communicate with English teachers from all the world.

  • Online English Teaching

    Website: Online English Teaching

    Online English Teaching is more like a useful resource than a job site.

    These experienced ESL teachers are making a living from teaching English online and they help others find their dream job doing the same.

  • Fiverr

    Website: Fiverr

    Did you know that you can create courses on Fiverr and sell them?
    Next to the perks of setting your own schedule and working at home, this even ticks the passive income box!

    Check out this free course about how to become a successful seller as an example.



    If you are passionate about your area of expertise and really like to help students learn, then you should definitely check out

    They have over 250 subjects and test prep areas available.
    Clients range from kindergarten to college, including adult learners.

  • Preply

    Website: Preply

    From English to Hebrew to Korean to Spanish.
    Preply offers tutoring in over 20 languages.

    No minimum time commitment or fixed schedule. Be your own boss!

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