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Opinion Inn

Last updated on: 24th Jan 2021
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Opinion Inn has a smashing high instant signup bonus of 10 dollars. Just for registering!
Let’s take a look at what they offer.

With Opinion Inn, you can earn money by completing surveys. How much depends on several things.
As with most survey sites it depends on the survey and how many surveys you participate in. 

Now before you go rushing in thinking to take them all in the least amount of time: not all surveys may be available to you. It all depends on your profile. 

For example: If you never have or never will drive a car, then your answers on surveys about driving cars would not have much value to the company.
This is why it is important that you share information about your age, work, hobbies, lifestyle, etcetera. 
It will take time to build up your profile, but the more complete, the more invites.

Why you should try Opinion Inn

The member dashboard of Opinion Inn will present you with a list of surveys you can take. It also provides you information on the survey topic and the reward.
If you find a survey you want to participate in, click it and walk through the qualification steps. This is the part where it is determined if you are a match to the survey topic.

Surveys will make you $3 to $5 on average, but the range is between 50 cents for short and easy to $20 for lengthy surveys. On rare occasions, there may even be surveys that pay up to $100.

Opinion Inn uses Paypal to make payments. The minimum threshold is 25 dollars

I Tried It

I recently signed up with Opinion Inn. As with a lot of global survey sites, the amount of surveys available for my country is somewhat low.

I will update this post as I have more information.

Is Opinion Inn Legit?

I believe so. There are not a lot of reviews on TrustPilot, but they receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.

Let’s wait and see what my future experience with them will be. 

Signing Up

They do have quite a long registration form that you need to fill before getting accepted. Once you have filled the form with our email address and profile data, you will receive an activation email shortly after.

Website: Opinion Inn
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