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Last updated on: 20th Feb 2021
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We read a lot. And not just books, but also things like email, messages, blogs, newspapers, wikis, apps, instructions, and so on.
Much of what we read is informal and we might skip or forgive spelling and punctuation mistakes

Professional companies however can not afford to have a lot of mistakes in their texts.
It will make them appear less professional or caring, which eventually will contribute to how customers value them.
That is why they hire people to do the proofreading.

What Proofreading Is

Proofreading has a lot of different descriptions, like editor, quality assurance evaluator, book reviewer, copy editor, content editor, copywriter, and writer.

Some jobs will focus on correcting spelling and grammar, while others may ask you to edit or rewrite small parts in a given text.

Here is the perfect side gig opportunity for you, as this allows you to find your entry-level in this industry!

There are a lot of different levels, from proofreading blogs to academic papers. Some of these require knowledge of academic style guides, others will just require a keen eye.

And before you reject it because you undervalue your own spelling and punctuation skills: not all sites require you to have a master’s degree.

A lot of these sites will let you make a test before you start. Don’t underestimate yourself and give it a try.
If you pass the test you can pad yourself on the back and if you didn’t then we have more opportunities to discover that do not require these skills.

Two Tips Before You Start

Use Grammarly

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have lots of experience, having someone watching over your shoulder may always be a good idea. Even if that someone is more of a something.

So my tip: Let Grammarly’s free AI-powered writing assistant help you spot what you have missed.

Take a Webinar to Learn More

There are a lot of resources on the web to become a better proofreader.
Proofread anywhere, helps proofreaders, well.. anywhere, to become thriving in the proofreading business.

Caitlin Pyle offers courses and workshops and you can try them out with the free intros that are available.
She also offers a free 76-minutes workshop in which you can discover if proofreading is something that fits you, how it can help you, and how to attract your ideal proofreading clients.

My tip: Take a little time to check out that workshop. Just postpone watching 2 episodes of your favorite show a little…

Let’s Get on to the List

  • Fiverr

    Website: Fiverr

    When it comes to side gigs and generating an extra income stream, Fiverr is heaven. It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.
    Let me show you some easy ways to make money with Fiverr.More about Fiverr here

  • Clickworker

    Website: Clickworker

    This company believes in utilizing the crowd in order to process projects fast and efficiently. If you are looking for typical side hustles to perform online, then their platform is perfect for you.

    Tasks, or microjobs as they call them, vary from creating or correcting texts, categorization, proofreading, research, testing, participating in surveys, taking pictures, or record audio and video files.

    More about Clickworker here

  • Gramlee

    Website: Gramlee

    Gramlee is always looking for exceptional editors. 
    The fact that they appeal to people with a passion for language says a lot about their mindset.

    Just take a look at the opening sentence on their ‘jobs’ page: “Can’t stand poorly structured writing and mistakes? If you’re the type that has an itch to fix errors when you see them, Gramlee may be the perfect medicine for you!”Give them a try if you like that mindset.More about Gramlee here

  • ProofreadingServices

    Website: ProofreadingServices

    This award-winning company proofreads almost everything, from academic work, books, resumes, theses, papers, websites, and lots more.
    They target over 10.000 clients in over 100 countries and even deliver services in a lot of languages spoken in most of those countries.More about ProofreadingServices here

  • Scribbr

    Website: Scribbr

    There are quite some benefits, but also requirements if you want to join Scribbr.

    As a Scribbr Editor, you get a lot of freedom to work remotely and to follow your own schedule. They offer a lot of support, both technical as administrative, so you can focus on what you like best. Which, we assume, is editing.More about Scribbr here

  • FlexJobs

    Website: FlexJobs

    FlexJobs is the website to find jobs you can do remotely, comfortably from home, or wherever you like.

    There is an enormous amount of jobs on FlexJobs, both part-time and full-time, so you might want to adjust your search filters before diving in.
    One of the useful search filters is the Remote Work Level filter. It will help you to pinpoint your search for the jobs you can do from home.

    More about FlexJobs here

  • Cactus

    Website: Cactus

    Cactus sometimes offers academic proofread and editing jobs on a full-time or freelance basis. Excellent English editing skills are required of course.

  • Wordy

    Website: Wordy
    Available in: US,UK,CA,AU

    Wordy offers online proofreading and copy-editing services. Their focus is on first-language editors based in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

  • Book Editing Associates

    Website: Book Editing Associates

    Book Editing Associates offers freelance jobs to ghostwriters, copy editors, proofreaders, and publishing consultants with traditional and self-publishing experience. Editors who intend to commit long-term have their preference.

  • EditFast

    Website: EditFast

    EditFast provides free services to freelance editors, like promotional tools and free webpages. Proofreaders will proofread the manuscript with an editorial eye, including light editing if necessary.

  • Wordvice

    Website: Wordvice

    Wordvice offers a lot of freedom to their freelance editors. They also give you constant quantitative and qualitative feedback on your work so you can keep improving and learning.

  • Babbletype

    Website: Babbletype

    Babbletype is always looking for new transcriptionists, editors, and translators to add to their team, but they are very selective. 

    They require a very high degree of skill in language, listening ability, and ability to deal with more sophisticated transcript formats. 

    Next to transcriptionists, they are also looking for translators and sometimes there are vacancies for proofreaders.

  • EditorLive

    Website: EditorLive

    EditorLive is currently looking for editors in all fields of study.
    Their mission is to provide editors with work requiring the best editing services available. Editors will provide grammar editing, which includes the correction of punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure.

    Potential candidates must complete a comprehensive two-part examination.

  • Domainite

    Website: Domainite

    Domainite provides several services, from web design to internet marketing to print materials. They have an application form with an editing test. Besides that, it is hard to find job information on the website. 
    Make sure to inquire details yourself before applying

  • Managed Editing

    Website: Managed Editing

    Managed Editing provides, as to be expected, editorial services. They mainly do copyediting and proofreading for nonprofits, government agencies, and publishers, but they can also provide full publication production, working with their publishing partners.

    They are looking for skilled editors to work for them as independent contractors. You should have a college degree and at least five years of practical experience in editing, but the editors they choose typically have much higher qualifications.

  • Net Transcripts

    Website: Net Transcripts
    Available in: US

    Since 1988, Net Transcripts provides confidential transcription and translation services to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies nationwide.

    All of their transcripts are processed by highly skilled transcriptionists, production, and quality control personnel. They do not process transcripts through voice recognition software. All transcripts are produced in the United States, which limits this gig to US residents.

    Occasionally they are looking for proofreaders. Search their careers page for opportunities.

  • Guru

    Website: Guru

    Guru is a platform that brings freelancers and employees together. 
    They aim to be the premier platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and get work done.

    At the time of writing this post, they had:

    27 opportunities for proofreaders: Proofreading Jobs
    9 opportunities for transcriptionists: Transcription Jobs

  • ProofreadingPal

    Website: ProofreadingPal

    At ProofreadingPal, every document that clients submit is proofread and edited by two skilled proofreaders to ensure the utmost accuracy.
    This is why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients.

    Currently (at the time of this writing) they had 2 job opportunities.

  • Polished Paper

    Website: Polished Paper

    Polished Paper will go to any length to satisfy their customers. If customers are unhappy with their document for any reason, they will work with them to make it right, or refund their money.

    They are at their customer’s service 24/7/365.

    They offer an open invitation for editing opportunities. You can register for a user account and upload your resume. Next, you will be directed to their 35-question editor test.

  • Reedsy

    Website: Reedsy

    Reedsy Professionals come from all over the globe. Since 2014 they have managed to create a full ecosystem for authors and publishing professionals. 

    Customers can find editors, designers, publicists, marketers, ghostwriters, and web designers to work with.

  • ProofreadNOW

    Website: ProofreadNOW

    ProofreadNOW clients include law firms, healthcare providers, marketing and ad agencies, major publishers, universities, consulting firms, tech companies, charitable organizations, and more.

    Their editors are native speakers of the language in which they proofread. They are located throughout the world.

    Currently, they are not looking for new proofreaders, but you should check their employment page frequently.

  • Upwork

    Website: Upwork

    Upwork started over 2 decades ago as the tech lead of a Silicon Valley startup needed the skills of a close friend in Athens. Since then they grew to a global company connecting independent professionals to customers in need of their skills.

    You can register yourself as a freelancer for all kinds of jobs, including data entry, transcription, or proofread

  • PeoplePerHour

    Website: PeoplePerHour

    PeoplePerHour started in 2007 and has dedicated themselves ever since to connect businesses to their community of expert freelancers. And they did well, given the fact that they have connected over 1 million businesses and paid over 135 million GBP to their freelancers.

    As to be expected from a freelance network platform they have a lot of different jobs, including data entry jobs, proofreading, and transcription jobs


From what I read on other blogs it is perfectly doable to create a side hustle as a proofreader.

How much you can earn all depends on your entry-level, the types of jobs, and the time you can spend on it.

What do You Think?

Have you tried this side gig before? Or are you a proofreader?
Do you have some tips you want to share with us?

Let me know in the comments.

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