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Last updated on: 24th Jan 2021
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When it comes to getting paid for taking surveys, you are definitely going to like Survey Junkie. This is by far one of the biggest and most popular websites that provide surveys.

With literally millions of users, Survey Junkey has a huge community and a lot of experience. Every day hundreds of brands are looking for customer insights and that is exactly where the opportunity for this side hustle resides.

Survey Junkie offers a couple of easy ways to participate.
One is by sharing your opinion through surveys and focus groups.
The other way of, passively, generating rewards with them, is by sharing your browsing behavior.

Why you should join Survey Junkie

By participating, you collect points and these points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. It is fairly straightforward and this gives you a lot of opportunities regarding payments.

How much you can earn with surveys depends on how much, and which, surveys you participate in.
I have read about participants making 18 dollars, but also over 50 dollars an hour.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the opportunity to test it myself (yet), but I plan to soon, so come back later for some updates. Hopefully, I have made some money by then.


A lot of opportunities to make a side income have age restrictions which make it hard to start if you are under 18.

With Survey Junkey you can already sign up if you are 16 years (although it may depend on where you live).

Is Survey Junkie Legit

As they do not provide surveys in my area, I cannot test them myself.

Survey Junkie however is one of the most suggested survey sites on a lot of blogs. I have read a lot of forum reactions about people earning money taking surveys from them.

They handle customer complaints on BBB very well, which makes me like them even if I can’t try them myself.

Given the popularity of Survey Junkie and the fact that with over 21K reviews and a score of 4.5 on Trust Pilot I am sure they are legit.

Signing Up

If you want to give it a go, just follow the link and enjoy! Survey Junkie



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