How To Organize Your Workflow – Free Trello Board

Are you struggling with keeping track of all your posts? Having thousands of ideas, but none come up when you start to write? Forgot where you stored your keyword research or the screenshots you took?
Let me help you find an answer to how to organize your blogging workflow by sharing what I learned when I was struggling.

how to organize your blogging workflow

I have been there. I have done that. But what’s better: I have solved that! Grab your copy of my free Big Blog Backlog and take back control!

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Still in doubt? Let me show you some amazing features that will make things so much easier for you.

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how to organize your blogging workflow - ideas

Never Run Out Of Ideas

Add, edit, delete and Categorize all your ideas in one spot!

Never run out of ideas again!

Grab your copy of this free Trello board with over 150 ideas already included!

keep track of the status of your post

Keep Track of Your Drafts

See what needs to be done in one look at your dashboard!

9 predefined labels included.

Create, edit and delete labels to your preferences!

how to organize your blogging workflow - keep images together

Keep Your Visuals Close

Save your images in the same spot as your research and drafts.

Paste screenshots directly into the card.

Keep your Pinterest Visuals close to your content.

Why I Made the Big Blog Backlog

One of the things I was struggling with from the start of this blog was how to organize my blogging workflow. How do I keep track of ideas? Where can I store my keyword research so that I can use it later? What draft posts are ready to edit, or need more research? Where can I store images related to the post?

I tried a couple of things. And I even tried a paper notebook, which is quite out of character to me, but none of these tools worked for me.
Until I dug deeper into how I could integrate Trello into my workflow.

It was amazing! I finally felt in control and I started tweaking my Trello Board until I had something that worked really well for me.
And that is another great benefit. With my version, you have a solid basis on which you can start tweaking to fit it in your own preferences.

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Grab your Copy of the Big Blog Backlog!

After subscribing to the email list you will find the link here.