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Last updated on: 15th Dec 2020
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There are quite some benefits, but also requirements if you want to join Scribbr.

As a Scribbr Editor, you get a lot of freedom to work remotely and to follow your own schedule. They offer a lot of support, both technical as administrative, so you can focus on what you like best. Which, we assume, is editing. Scribbr offers personalized training to help you optimize your skills.

They have a Glassdoor rating of 4.8/5 which is truly nice.

Not for anyone

As we said before, they also have some requirements.

First, all editors must be native speakers because they really want their editors to understand the language and its distinct character. Just finding punctuation errors won’t cut it.

Since they specialize in academic editing for students, they also require an academic degree (at least a bachelor’s degree). You need to have an understanding of the concepts and conventions of higher education. You will have to demonstrate technical grammar knowledge during the application.
Also, you will go through the Scribbr Academy, where you will be trained in how to perform their services and edit in their style.

If you do manage to get through, then you can expect an hourly rate of approximately 20 to 25 euro (24 to 29 dollars).

Clearly, Scribbr holds high standards. If you do too, then Scribbr may be a great opportunity for you!

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