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About The Side Gig Longlist

Last updated on: 14th Feb 2021
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Helping You Find a new Side Job

There, that’s it. This is what The Side Gig Longlist is about.
This is what I intend to accomplish with this blog. Finding and sharing as many as possible ways to earn some extra income.


A while ago I stumbled upon a blog about side income streams and it got me thinking about what possibilities there are out there.
I noticed there were a lot (and I really mean a lot) of blogs and other sites about side jobs, gigs, and hustles.

It made me wonder. Who is doing this? What companies are creating these jobs? How much could you earn? Are these jobs available to everybody? What types of jobs are out there?

The problem was that all the information is scattered around all over hundreds of different websites.

So, while browsing through all this information, I came up with the idea to collect it all in one place.

It is my passion to learn and understand things that are new or unknown to me.
Combine it with the fact that I’m a developer (and a bit of a nerd) and suddenly, starting a blog to share what I learn makes perfect sense (to me at least).

And there it is

The idea was born to create a one-stop, find-all, website about making money with side jobs was born.

Now, as the Internet grows with more and more companies that offer remote job opportunities, and the fact that we grow closer to a gig-based economy, this website will never be complete.
I will try to add gigs continuously nevertheless.

So, when you happen to find a hustle that is not yet on this website: drop me a link and I will add it.

If you are more Pinterest minded, I am also pinning as many gigs as I can find. Just follow me to stay informed.
The Side Gig Longlist is on Twitter and Instagram also, in case you are not that much into Pinterest.

The Side Gig Longlist is about finding and sharing information about side jobs and to share my experiences with some of them.

I hope that I can surprise you with at least one or two new gigs and that it may help you for whatever reason you have to make an extra buck.

Thank you for reading this, you are awesome!

Happy Hustling!

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