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American Consumer Opinion Review 2021

Last updated on: 02nd Nov 2021
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While looking for ways to make extra cash, you will come upon sites that offer money for giving opinions sooner or later. American Consumer Opinion is one of those sites, and although the name suggests otherwise, you don’t have to be American to earn money with them.
In this review, I will share my personal experience and drop in some tips that will help you maximize your profit.

Is American Consumer Opinion Legit?

Let’s start with the conclusion, as I think you would like to know if it is worth your time to continue reading.

Yes. American Consumer Opinion (also ACOP) is legit, and it is, in fact, a solid online business that has its roots in this business since 1986. Decision Analyst launched it as a very successful mail survey panel and converted it to a worldwide online panel in 1996.

They currently have over 7 million participants making a solid, highly diversified panel. That made them an attractive consumer panel for all brands, including an array of Fortune 500 companies.

Accredited Business

The parent company of ACOP, Decision Analyst, is registered with the Better Business Bureau, and they have been accredited since 2004.
They received the maximum BBB Rating of A+.


With almost every survey company, you will find people complaining about the number of surveys available.
That is not surprising as more surveys mean more money.

Besides these common complaints, you won’t find many other types of complaints about American Consumer Opinion.


What you will find are complaints from people mixing up American Consumer Opinion with American Consumer Panel.
The mixup is understandable, but American Consumer Panel is an entirely different business.

If you are looking for reviews, make sure that the review is about ACOP before jumping to a conclusion.

Sign up with American Consumer Opinion

About Paid Surveys

Let’s continue with the fun stuff, as I am sure you want to learn more about making money with surveys.

Like most survey sites, American Consumer Opinion is straightforward to start with, even as a beginner. There is little more required than access to a device connected to the Internet. Laptops may be easy to use when completing the more extensive surveys, but I do most on my mobile and have rarely met any issues doing so.

Taking paid surveys is a great way to make money from home!

Jobs and side gigs that take little skill won’t make you rich.
I think it is essential to realize that you need to complete many surveys, preferably from a lot of different survey sites, if you want to earn a decent amount of money.

Another approach is to use surveys to turn spare ‘unpaid’ time into cash.
That is the reason I like to use my mobile. I complete surveys while waiting or having a break which gives me some extra pocket money.

Let’s Talk About the Money

Undoubtedly, you want to know more about American Consumer Opinion rewards, but first things first.

ACOP is free.
You do not need to pay to join them, nor is there a membership fee involved or any other hidden costs whatsoever.

I mention this because you should immediately walk away if you encounter a survey platform that demands any payment.
Marketers are interested in your data. The platforms enabling the surveys make a commission providing a target group to the researchers. Your data is worth money, and you should never need to pay for that.

In fact, you should be rewarded for sharing it.

Points-based System

ACOP has a points-based reward system. You will get points for completing surveys.
You can redeem these points for cash, use them to enter sweepstakes, or even donate to charity.

The value of one point is equal to $0.01, so a 500 points survey will make you 5 dollars.

Points are stored in your American Consumer Opinion account and can be found on your dashboard after you log in.

How Do You Get Paid

First, you will need at least 1000 points on your balance to redeem if you favor cash.
Sweepstakes do not require this threshold since they vary in price to participate.

American Consumer Opinion Cash Out options include several payment methods.

The easiest ones are requesting payments to PayPal and your Hyperwallet account. The latter, however, may take up to 8 to 12 weeks.

For US and Canadian residents, there is the option to request payment by check.


As said, sweepstakes don’t require you to have a minimum of 1000 points.
You need enough points in your balance to enter a sweepstake.

In return, this gives you the chance of winning prices like Amazon gift cards for just a couple of points.


Once you have reached your 1000 points threshold, you can cash out to one of the charities on a list that American Consumer Opinion provides.

Sign up with American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Surveys

Again, you don’t have to be a US residential to participate, but demographics do count in the type of surveys you can join. Product reviews, for instance, will be offered more often to US residents simply because companies there find it more economical.

Don’t be discouraged; there are a lot of other ways to earn points.


A screener is a small survey (less than 20 questions) that gathers information about you, your job, and your situation to better match you to specific surveys.

Screeners may not always earn you points, but they are typically worth between 5 to 50 points if they do.
Some screeners reward you with an entry to a drawing where you can win gift cards or other prizes.

TIP: Always take the screeners. They won’t take long to complete and enhance the chance that you qualify for specific surveys. Also, the less generic a survey is, the more likely it is that it pays better, so you want them to know you.


Surveys on American Consumer Opinion are sets of questions that vary in length, topics, and rewards, of course.

These surveys aren’t very complicated as the questions concern you and your opinion or experiences with the products you use.

Rewards for the surveys vary from 100 to 5000 points, depending on the length of the questionnaire.

Remember: survey sites will not get you rich or replace your 9-to-5, but joining several sites and completing surveys in your spare time can make you a nice amount of extra money.

How many surveys can you take

You can take as many as there are available.

The amount varies a lot, and it also depends on demographics and whether you fit the target group’s profile for that specific research.

Sometimes I get a couple of surveys a week; sometimes, there is nothing available.

TIP: Make sure that you get all notifications.
ACOP notifies you through a-mail if new surveys are available. Add their e-mail address as a contact so that these notifications don’t get mistaken for junk mail.

Product Reviews

They don’t occur often, and I haven’t had the pleasure myself. Still, a couple of times a year, there are opportunities to evaluate (new) products and ideas or optimize existing products and packaging designs.

The potential rewards for these are much higher. I read about $50 to $200 earnings but can’t find any confirmation.
If you happen to have done a product review, let us know in the comments!

Affiliate Earnings

For all you bloggers out there: The American Consumer Opinion Affiliate Program is available on ShareASale.

They offer $2.50 for valid participants (with demographic restrictions) and claim a 20%-25% conversion rate.

How to Join American Consumer Opinion

As a reminder, I like to point out that you can join from almost any country in the world. In contrast to what the brand name might suggest, you don’t need to be an American.

It is also good to know that you can join even as a teenager. The minimum age requirement is 14 years, so this is a great way to make additional pocket money.

To get started with ACOP, all you have to do is go to their sign-up page and register with your e-mail address, Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Next, you need to complete your profile. Answer the questions about your name, country, etcetera, and hit continue.

You will find some other questions about your age, the language you prefer, your marital status, and your educational level.
All these answers will form the profile that ACOP uses to find suitable surveys.

It took me about 10 minutes to complete the registration process, so you can be up and running in no time.

Sign up with American Consumer Opinion

I Tried It

It is always nice to talk about something you have experience with.

A while ago, I joined ACOP, and I haven’t had a single negative experience.
Of course, I would like to have more invitations, and of course, I would like to have a high reward now and then, but that is the same for every platform I have joined.

I had no troubles with the registration process, and the Initial Profile Survey contained the questions you would expect when creating a survey participant’s profile.

Their dashboard is simple (as I like it) and very user-friendly. I had no trouble finding all the information I was looking for.

The notification by e-mail works excellent and allows me to join surveys straight from my inbox whenever I want.

And is it possible to make money with paid surveys? For example, did American Consumer Opinion pay me?
Yes, they did. I even received the payment on my PayPal account much faster than I expected.

Sign up with American Consumer Opinion


Are you looking for ways to make some extra money, and are you considering surveys as a side gig? Then American Consumer Opinion is a great place to start.

It is very straightforward to start with and get a good idea if you want to do surveys.

American Consumer Opinion is legit and reliable, and I recommend it from my own experience.

What’s Next

Please leave your questions or experiences with ACOP in the comments, and if you like this post, please share it!

As always, I am grateful to every visitor. Without you, I would be writing these posts. Thank you! You are awesome!

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