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Free Blog Launch Blueprint Review

Last updated on: 25th Apr 2021
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The Free Blog Launch Blueprint is a free email-delivered course created by McKinzie Bean. She runs Moms Make Cents, a successful and popular blog about helping (other) moms to build profitable blogs, working from home.

This course will help you if you are a new blogger, even if you are not a mom, and even if you already launched a blog.

About The Course

This Free Blog Launch Blueprint course is a seven-day email course, with free additional downloads included. It is very beginner-friendly but might also be useful to bloggers that started their blog recently. No technical background is required.

About The Instructor

McKinzie Bean has a lot of experience as a blogger and as a brand manager coordinating collaborations between bloggers and influencers. She runs Moms Make Cents, where she teaches moms to build profitable blogs to make money from home.

McKinzie has been blogging since 2012 and has helped thousands of bloggers to grow a profitable blog. She is also featured in major publications (Forbes, The Penny Hoarder, MSN, and more).
Running at least two profitable blogs, she is making a full-time income blogging.

Personally, I think that it is a no-brainer that you profit from the valuable and free insights an experienced blogger gives away for free!

What You Will Learn

This course is packed with useful information to help you start your blogging journey right away. But you don’t have to rush it.

The Free Blog Launch Blueprint course is an email course. All the information will stay in your inbox as long as you don’t delete it. McKinzie has also created a free printable workbook so that you can set your own pace.

In the first of seven lessons, she will give you helpful tips on what you need to do before you start. She will help you with information and tips that prepare you for launching a solid blog.

Next are the lessons that will guide you through the more technical stages of setting up your blog. Think about hosting, picking the right tools to manage your website, choosing a domain name, styling your blog, etcetera.

After a couple of days, you will get valuable lessons and tips about promoting your blog. This includes how and when to start involving social media.

From there, it goes pro. Why, and of course, how to set up an email list. What opt-ins and lead magnets are. She highlights different ways to monetize your blog and so on.

Finally, McKinzie will give you access to the tools and resources that she uses to run her blog.

I Tried It

Even though I already have a blog, I like to check out these kinds of courses frequently. And every time, it surprises me that I learned at least one or two things I didn’t know or never paid enough attention to.

I like the way McKinzie designed this Free Blog Launch Blueprint. It takes you through the most important things about blogging, helping you to be prepared when you actually start your blog.

It is clever that the course is delivered by email and spread across several days. You have a day or so to think about the lesson before moving on to the next topic.

What is Next?

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Like to Sign-Up?

I really recommend this course, even if you already have a blog. Interested? Sign up Here.

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