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Free Blog Traffic Boost Challenge Review

Last updated on: 30th Apr 2021
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If you, like me, started a blog without any experience, then the chances are that you missed some of the basics that are now refraining you from growing. Not that I don’t believe in learning by doing, on the contrary, but there are downsides to this approach. Eventually, you find something that you missed in the beginning.
One of the courses I believe to be very useful to bloggers is the Free “Tweak & Peak” 7 Days Blog Traffic Boost Email Challenge For Bloggers created by Ana from the She Approach.

In this email course, which will take 7 days, Ana will teach Bloggers what they need to do to improve on their blog to increase traffic.

About The Course

The seven-days free “Tweak & Peak” Blog Traffic Boost Email Challenge for Bloggers is a great course. Especially for those that already have a blog but are struggling to increase their traffic.

It is also useful if you are planning to start a blog. It might prevent you from making some of the mistakes inexperienced bloggers make a lot.

About The Instructor

Ana Skyes is the creator of The She Approach. This is a very successful blog about helping bloggers and entrepreneurs to grow their online visibility. She also teaches about boosting website traffic and, not unimportant, increase income.

With a degree in Media & Communication and a lot of passion for blogging and social media, Ana is highly qualified for the job. She also has been featured on several online magazines and platforms, like the Social Media Examiner and the Infopreneur Summit.

Her website offers a lot of courses and blogging resources, including some great free ones. This 7-day blog traffic boost course is one of those.

What You Will Learn

As this is a challenge, Ana goes for the do-it-now approach. You will be learning, but you will also have to take action, and she encourages you to take action right away.

Her downloadable workbooks work as a great checklist. They accompany the lessons, and if you need more information, you can click through to posts on her blog.

The first actions dive into some of the fundamental steps you may or may not have missed starting your blog. Which, by the way, is totally understandable. Starting a blog is a hectic period where many decisions have to be made with little information.

In the next couple of emails, she triggers you to take a closer look at how you divide your time between creating new posts and promoting. Ana also reminds you gently about some maintenance and technical aspects of your blog.

The last actions that you will receive in your inbox deal with next-level questions. Are you making the most out of monetizing your blog, and how to increase traffic and SEO ranking?

Because she links to so many resources, both on her own blog and others, these daily challenges are packed with useful information.

As a bonus, you will get full access to her resource library.

I Tried It

I did. And I liked it!
Ana clearly has a lot of experience as a blogger, and the insights she provides, in this case by letting you take actions yourself, are valuable.

For one thing, day 4 triggered me to do some performance checkups.

I like it when a course teaches me one or two things I didn’t know or wasn’t aware of. The Free “Tweak & Peak” Blog Traffic Boost Email Challenge for Bloggers didn’t disappoint!

What is Next?

If you like to share your own experience, or if you found an error in my post, then please do leave a comment

Thanks for reading! You are awesome!

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