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Last updated on: 29th Nov 2020
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Userfeel provides tests in any language. They have a panel of over 110,000 testers that speak over 40 languages in total.

As a tester, your job is to perform usability tests on websites. These tests are typically things like: find a product in a webshop or go through the checkout process.

Mind you, you are not expected to buy the products, so use fake names and don’t finish the transaction.

The main goal is to find a usability issue that went unnoticed while developing the website.

How tests and reviews work

Userfeel tests take somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. 
You will need a computer or smartphone to participate. Both Windows and Macs will work.

You will also need a microphone (either internal or external) to record your verbal feedback. 

In order to test websites and get paid $10 per test, you need to have a Windows or Mac computer. If on Windows, you need to have Windows 7 or newer.

What language are the tests in? 

Userfeel will provide you with tests in your native language and in languages that you have set as fluently spoken in your preferences.

This makes Userfeel a perfect company to start with if you are not a native English speaker as a lot of testing platforms require.

Being fluent in one or more languages is an important requirement as you need to speak your thoughts out loud while testing. 


The qualification test is an initial test that each new tester will need to take to make sure that they have a microphone and that they can speak their thoughts while testing.

It might take 7 to 15 days before your qualification test is rated, depending on the number of new testers that apply.

Every new tester also has to answer some questions before engaging in a test to see if they are a match.

Some of these questions can be personal, but Userfeel will treat the answers as confidential and your personal data will not be revealed to the client or third parties.


Userfeel pays $10 per test and you will receive the payment about a week after you performed the test.

As is common with most testing platforms the number of tests you are offered depends on a lot of different factors. Your rating and match to the target group a company is looking for may get you more tests.

They pay through PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. Whichever you prefer.
Preferences can be set in your profile.

Signing up

To register as a tester to test and review with Userfeel you will have to fill out a registration form on their website.

Usually, you can register with an email address and preferred password, after which you can enter the remaining information in your profile.

Userfeel asks a lot upfront, but eventually, it all comes down to the same.

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