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Test and Review

Last updated on: 16th May 2022
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Imagine making money by clicking on designs and screens. If you think about it, then it all makes sense. Test and review are essential steps in creating new software, websites, apps, or products that might become available to users.

Companies spend vast amounts of time and money on developing websites and apps. So what would be worse than finding out that your website or app does not meet your customers’ expectations?

Of course, they can test these themselves, but would it not be better to test by asking people unfamiliar with the product? Yes, it would.

And there is the perfect opportunity for you to find an easy and fun side job.
Below is a list of websites that provide User testing and Reviews. Not just for websites and designs but also physical products and even locations.

It is easy to start your side gig of tests and reviews. It begins with simply registering on the website. Next, you will need to create your user profile so they know what your interests are.
Sometimes they require you to download screen capture software to record the test sessions, but it is not always necessary.

How much can you earn

That isn’t easy to say. It all depends on how many tests you can take, depending on how well you fit the target group.

But just for fun, let’s say that you apply to five testing platforms, and they can deliver a single test per week.

A careful estimate based on $10 per test would earn you $10 * 4 weeks * 5 platforms = $200 per month.

What you need to become a tester

To become a tester is relatively easy, and it does not take much to get started right away. Still, there are some aspects of this side gig that you should know before deciding to start.

I trust that English is not a problem as you are already reading this. However, if you are using a translation service, it might be best to look for companies that let you perform tests and review jobs in your native language.


Since these tests take place online, access to a computer and a reasonably fast Internet connection is essential for test and review jobs.


You will probably access the sites you need to test via a browser, so make sure to use a compatible and recent browser. Up to date versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari will often be sufficient.

Some sites may offer testing mobile apps. Make sure that you check the requirements before accepting a test job.


As you perform a test, many companies will require you to record your screen and voice.

Make sure that your computer can manage all these things simultaneously. Older computers may lag or crash.

Tests without a good quality of recorded feedback risk disqualification, so investing in a microphone or headset may be a good idea.

Qualities of a good tester

One of the first things that distinguish a good tester is the ability to read instructions. Every test comes with instructions about what to do (or not do) and the test goal.
It is essential to read these carefully to prevent your test from being rendered invalid.

You must think out loud. So make sure you have a quiet room to perform the test to prevent too much background noise.

Talk, talk, talk. Say anything (appropriate) that comes to mind while performing the test. Explain what you do, say out loud what you see and what you think of it.

Don’t hesitate to express confusion or annoyance. It is not an exam.
As emotions are challenging to measure, verbal feedback is essential to the companies that ask you to test.

So, it may feel awkward in the beginning, but trust me, you will get over it in one or two tests. Speak your mind!
If you do not give a lot of verbal feedback, your tests may be useless to the researchers.

As you often have to give some additional written feedback, it may be helpful to run some spelling control.
I genuinely recommend Grammarly, especially if English is not your first language.

Now, finally, here is a list of Test and Review jobs I hope you will find helpful:

  • Fiverr

    Website: Fiverr

    When it comes to side gigs and generating an extra income stream, Fiverr is heaven. It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.
    Let me show you some easy ways to make money with Fiverr.More about ‘Fiverr’ here

  • Intellizoom

    Website: Intellizoom

    Get paid to test and review with IntelliZoom. Help companies test awesome designs for their websites, apps, and products, and make money on the side.
    That does sound cool, right?

    Participating in usability tests, in general, will not generate an income you can live from. It is, however, a fun and easy side gig that will get you extra pocket money.
    And besides being able to speak your thoughts out loud, mostly in English, there are no extra skills required.

    More about ‘Intellizoom’ here

  • Enroll

    Website: Enroll

    Enroll is a super easy usability testing website (and app).
    You will have to perform, mostly, simple tasks that will give companies insights about how their new designs may work out.
    Don’t worry, every task comes with clear and easy instructions and will take you only a couple of minutes.

    More about ‘Enroll’ here

  • microWorkers

    Website: microWorkers

    Like a lot of other microtasks websites, microWorkers allows you to make a small amount of money completing simple tasks.

    The tasks you can find on their website are quite diverse, ranging from data entry, testing, transcribe, take surveys, or promoting apps, and websites.
    Some of the tasks require you to activate them separately or extend your profile, but most tasks can be done immediately after signing up.

    More about ‘microWorkers’ here

  • Clickworker

    Website: Clickworker

    This company believes in utilizing the crowd in order to process projects fast and efficiently. If you are looking for typical side hustles to perform online, then their platform is perfect for you.

    Tasks, or microjobs as they call them, vary from creating or correcting texts, categorization, proofreading, research, testing, participating in surveys, taking pictures, or record audio and video files.

    More about ‘Clickworker’ here

  • Userfeel

    Website: Userfeel

    Userfeel provides tests in any language. They have a panel of over 110,000 testers that speak over 40 languages in total.

    As a tester, your job is to perform usability tests on websites. These tests are typically things like: find a product in a webshop or go through the checkout process.

    More about ‘Userfeel’ here

  • Become a Paid Tester at UserTesting

    Website: UserTesting

    Sounds awesome, right? But what kind of company is UserTesting? And what is it exactly that user testers do? How do you become a paid tester at UserTesting?
    This article will provide you with all you need to know to start and get paid as a user tester.

    Here is a small preview: It is very easy to start as a paid user tester, and it is a great work-at-home gig too! So read along if you are still interested!

    More about ‘Become a Paid Tester at UserTesting’ here

  • UserBrain

    Website: UserBrain

    Again, the signup process is simple. Sign up with your e-mail address and complete a qualification test.
    UserBrain works with both a Chrome Extension for your browser or with an iOS app.
    You will have to speak out your thoughts whilst testing, so a basic level of English is be required.

  • TryMyUi

    Website: TryMyUi

    The best part of being a tester: Be yourself.
    TryMyUi emphasizes that all you need to do is give your honest feedback while using the test website or app.

    A test consists of a screen and voice capture of you using the site or app and a short written response as a wrap-up.

    More about ‘TryMyUi’ here

  • Userlytics

    Website: Userlytics

    Userlytics helps you earn money in your free time by participating in user testing apps and websites.
    Although a lot of their user testing projects are in Europe and North America, they also have projects in South Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and other countries around the world.

  • TestingTime

    Website: TestingTime

    Wouldn’t you like to test new products and services, earning up to € 50 per hour? By joining the testers of TestingTime you can.
    Read about the testing experience in this Experience Report, it will give you a good impression! 

  • The Smart Crowd

    Website: The Smart Crowd

    The Smart Crowd caters to a large community of freelancers all over the world. Jobs vary from data entry to reviewing websites or even transcription.

  • TestBirds

    Website: TestBirds

    Do you like to hunt for software bugs to make applications and websites more usable? Then take a look at TestBirds.

    As a tester you will earn a fixed amount for your test report, but also an additional payment for every Bug (defect) that you find. A severe technical bug may even get you more! Happy Hunting!

  • Test.IO

    Website: Test.IO

    How does testing the latest apps, websites, and games, and getting paid for it sound? Awesome right?

    Test.IO pays you up to $50 for every issue you find and for you to rate apps. Meanwhile, you will be the first to see the latest apps from top companies and cool start-ups.

  • Validately

    Website: Validately

    To sign up as a tester with UserZoom (formerly Validately) you will need to sign up on IntelliZoom.

  • UserCrowd

    Website: UserCrowd

    With UserCrowd you can earn money giving design feedback, helping their clients to make better products.
    They work with quick design surveys and use credits to reward you for each response. Credits can be cashed through PayPal.

  • Ferpection

    Website: Ferpection

    Ferpection offers qualitative and quantitative research with consulting tailored to the needs of their clients.

    They already have over 200.000 testers, working from home, sharing their opinion on the newest UX designs and websites.

  • Loop11

    Website: Loop11

    Loop11 offers Online Usability Testing, Benchmarking, Prototype Testing, Mobile and Tablet testing, and much more to their clients.

    They are currently taking submissions to join their panel of paid website testers. You will need this link: Get Paid to Test Websites

  • MyCrowd

    Website: MyCrowd

    With more than 12,000 testers from more than 40 countries around the world, MyCrowd provides fast and scalable testing solutions for any needs. Join them to test the UI and find bugs in apps and websites.

  • ProductTube

    Website: ProductTube

    ProductTube rewards shoppers for making short (review) videos about products they buy.

    Those videos are then used for marketing research purposes so manufacturers can improve their products.

  • iVueit

    Website: iVueit

    As a Vuer, you can make extra cash just for taking pictures of site inspections nearby. Just download the app and start making money.

  • uTest

    Website: uTest

    uTest has a lot of projects, some of those even for very famous companies.

    The signup process is rather familiar, including signing up with your e-mail address and completing your profile. After that, you can build up your skills by participating in live practice tests or take quizzes.

Wrapping it up

Besides making a side income, I think testing and reviewing websites and designs is an excellent job. It somehow gives one a bit of satisfaction knowing that you helped to improve a product.

Although it takes some skill to speak your mind (for some of us), testing is relatively easy as you only have to be yourself as you follow the testing instructions.

Don’t like the design? Say it. Love the animation as you put something in your shopping cart? Let them know!

So, what is your experience? Do you like to test and review websites? And does it work out for you financially?

Let me know or share this post if you like it. 

Thanks for reading! You are awesome!

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