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Last updated on: 16th May 2022
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  • Are Survey Sites Legit And Do They Make You Money
    Online Paid Surveys are a great gig to make some extra money fast. There are little to no prerequisites involved and you can start crunching surveys for money within minutes.Are paid surveys legit and do they make you money? Let's find out! In this post, I explain how they work,…
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  • playing with lists
    Let's start with what I want to accomplish while playing with lists in WordPress. It might give you a bit of an idea of what this post is going to be about. The Side Gig Longlist is based around lists. In WordPress, this is quite easy to do, especially with…
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  • The idea of this hopefully useful post is that I would like to explore and share with you how to get more out of a 404, or page not found, error. Like a lot of bloggers, I am using WordPress as my CMS, but I expect that this information will…
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  • how to boost your pin workflow to a professional level
    If you want to get the most out of Pinterest without spending hours of your time on your Pins, then you should use Tailwind for sure. Let me explain Tailwind and what you can do with it in this first article of a series of posts on how to get…
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  • Unblocked Me

    February 21, 2021 | 0 comments
    Alright then, here we go. But first, a friendly warning ahead:If I manage to complete this post I will only scan it for faults and errors. This idea came spontaneously, and I am afraid that this post will lose its spontaneous character if I start to edit or rewrite. The…
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Hi there!

My name is Jip, and I created the Side Gig Longlist to learn all I can about blogging and making money online.
Having decades of experience in information technology, I decided to explore all the non-technical aspects of blogging, marketing, and promoting.
I also happen to like sharing the things I know and learn with others.
This blog is my platform to experiment, learn, and share.

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