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Last updated on: 07th Jan 2021
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  • Can You Make $500 a Month With Surveys?
    A lot of bloggers will tell you that you can make money with paid surveys, but they also claim that you can make certain amounts. But what would you have to do to reach that goal and how much time would it take? Can you make $500 a month with…
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  • Make Your Pins Pop

    March 5, 2021 | 0 comments
    By now a lot of you already know some of the basics of getting your pins noticed on Pinterest. You need to make your pins pop so they get noticed in that overwhelming stream of pins. They need to have bright, beautiful colors, big fonts, not too much text, and…
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  • Tracking Affiliate Links with Google Analytics 4
    Finally, I found time and a topic to write another Fix-It Friday post about. Today I want to implement tracking affiliate clicks with Google Analytics 4.  There are many ways to track if visitors clicked your affiliate links, and plugins like ThirstyAffiliates make it very easy to do. I want…
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  • 8 great passive income ideas
    Are you looking for great passive income ideas to earn money without having to work for it? Then I am afraid that you landed on the wrong page.Passive Income actually requires work, but it is more complicated than that. Would you like to find out what passive income is all…
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  • I Bought the Genius Bloggers Toolkit
    Yep, I did. I bought the Genius Bloggers Toolkit, aka the GBTK and in this post, I will tell you why, and if I think that it is worth it. Of course, everybody's needs are different. We all have different levels of experience. Some of us are more interested in…
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  • what are core web vitals
    As Google focuses more and more on rewarding excellent user experience, it is time to start looking at more than just some performance indicators.This post will explain what core web vitals are, what user experience has to do with it, and what they mean for the SEO ranking of your…
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My name is Jip, and I created the Side Gig Longlist to learn all I can about blogging and making money online.
Having decades of experience in information technology, I decided to explore all the non-technical aspects of blogging, marketing, and promoting.
I also happen to like sharing the things I know and learn with others.
This blog is my platform to experiment, learn, and share.

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