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Last updated on: 07th Jan 2021
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  • how to write a good blog post
    Many people wonder how to write a good blog post, and I would like to share my method with you. Although every step has more than one point of attention, you can write a good blog post in 3 easy steps.  Writing is personal, of course. Take these steps, my preparation…
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  • 57 starting a blog tips to give you a headstart
    Starting a blog can be a great experience. It is also effortless to start, and you don't need to have a degree or study years before launching it. However, it might come in handy if you had some information about specific things to know before starting a blog.  I started…
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  • How I got an almost perfect web page performance score
    With Google's shift to a more user-centric way of ranking, a perfect web page performance score becomes increasingly important to get great rankings in search engines. However, these ranking factors are about a lot more than increasing speed.  Wrong configurations or decisions will slow down your website. A faster server won't…
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  • where to find infinite content ideas for blog posts
    Don't know where to start? No inspiration? Too much inspiration? Then you probably recognize this: You have a blog, and the niche you chose is something you know a lot about or is dear to you. You know what topics fit that niche, but when you need to start writing,…
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  • How long does it take to increase domain authority
    Like a lot of other fairly new bloggers, I struggle with the question of how to increase traffic to my blog. I get that it takes good content, time, and effort concerning SEO and driving traffic from social. However, at a certain point in time, you will find yourself researching…
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  • Where to find free stock photos
    Bloggers, and more, bloggers that are on Pinterest, know how important it is to have appealing visuals to attract visitors. But finding out where to find free stock photos is very time-consuming, especially if you want your images to be original and in the same or right style. This is…
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My name is Jip, and I created the Side Gig Longlist to learn all I can about blogging and making money online.
Having decades of experience in information technology, I decided to explore all the non-technical aspects of blogging, marketing, and promoting.
I also happen to like sharing the things I know and learn with others.
This blog is my platform to experiment, learn, and share.

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