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  • How to start as a newbie

    Starting a blog is a great way to share your thoughts and stories while building a source of income on the side. It might seem hard, and frankly, it can be, but with a little help and guidance, you really can have your own blog out there in no time.

    I would like to help you get your own blog online, which is why I wanted to write this blog post.

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  • collection of free blog related courses

    Free Courses to Boost Your Blog

    October 11, 2022 |

    These free blogging courses may get you a headstart if you are a new blogger or help you boost your existing blog to the next level.

    Blogging is a great way to both express yourself and create a (passive) income stream.

    I deliberately placed ‘passive’ between parentheses because blogging takes a lot of hard work. Passive refers to the fact that your posts may remain on the Internet forever, and its ads or affiliate links will generate income accordingly. Now. Back to the hard work. 
    Even if you are a natural and writing doesn’t take you any effort at all, many different factors can contribute to your blog’s success -or failure.

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  • Increase Traffic to your Blog using this Amazing Free SEO Tool


    October 5, 2022 |

    I am pretty sure that you have heard the name Neil Patel or his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool Ubersuggest before.
    If not, then this post may contain some very interesting information and links for you.

    Neil Patel has a great reputation in Online Marketing and with the -often- free courses and information on his website he has helped a lot of people generating more traffic and sales.

    More about ‘Ubersuggest’ here

  • How long does it take to increase domain authority

    Like a lot of other fairly new bloggers, I struggle with the question of how to increase traffic to my blog. I get that it takes good content, time, and effort concerning SEO and driving traffic from social.
    However, at a certain point in time, you will find yourself researching what factors influence that traffic. One of these things is called Domain Authority.

    It’s not hard to find out what Domain Authority is. But what I actually wanted to find out was a reference. How are other bloggers doing? How long does it take to increase domain authority? What is the average domain authority for blogs? And what factors actually influence that magic number?

    In this post I’ll walk you through my research and the conclusions I made concerning domain authority.

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  • where to find infinite content ideas for blog posts

    Don’t know where to start? No inspiration? Too much inspiration? Then you probably recognize this: You have a blog, and the niche you chose is something you know a lot about or is dear to you. You know what topics fit that niche, but when you need to start writing, your head is either empty or so full of ideas that the effect is the same: no words.

    What you need is either inspiration, a way to organize your ideas, or a sort of editorial backlog. If there just was a source for infinite content ideas…

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  • How I got an almost perfect web page performance score

    With Google’s shift to a more user-centric way of ranking, a perfect web page performance score becomes increasingly important to get great rankings in search engines. 
    However, these ranking factors are about a lot more than increasing speed. 

    Wrong configurations or decisions will slow down your website. A faster server won’t automatically help you achieve a perfect webpage performance. In this post, I will share some of the things I did to (almost) hit that perfect score.

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  • 57 starting a blog tips to give you a headstart

    Starting a blog can be a great experience. It is also effortless to start, and you don’t need to have a degree or study years before launching it. However, it might come in handy if you had some information about specific things to know before starting a blog. 

    I started this blog with a lot of technical experience, but I was pretty blank in other expertises. Think of writing, keyword research, SEO, promoting, affiliate marketing, etcetera. During my learning period, I came up with this post containing things I wish I knew before. I hope you enjoy my starting a blog tips and that they will give you a headstart when launching yours.

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  • Over 40 Essential Blogging Tools

    As I started the Side Gig Longlist in 2020, I wanted to explore the world, or business, of blogs and blogging. So, with just a technical background and some notice of SEO, I determined my niche, bought a domain name, and went for it. 

    I learned quickly that some aspects of blogging were more challenging than I imagined, but I also discovered some fantastic and rather essential blogging tools that were very helpful.

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  • course review free blog traffic boost challenge

    If you, like me, started a blog without any experience, then the chances are that you missed some of the basics that are now refraining you from growing. Not that I don’t believe in learning by doing, on the contrary, but there are downsides to this approach. Eventually, you find something that you missed in the beginning.
    One of the courses I believe to be very useful to bloggers is the Free “Tweak & Peak” 7 Days Blog Traffic Boost Email Challenge For Bloggers created by Ana from the She Approach.

    In this email course, which will take 7 days, Ana will teach Bloggers what they need to do to improve on their blog to increase traffic.

    More about ‘Free Blog Traffic Boost Challenge Review’ here

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