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Last updated on: 28th Apr 2021
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If you run a blog and would like to monetize it, then ShareASale is the perfect Affiliate Marketing Network for you, especially if you run a blog about making money online, side hustles, or about blogging itself.

The Awin Group acquired ShareASale in 2017, which grew the total experience to 20 years and making them a global company powered by 15 offices with over 1000 employees worldwide.

They host the affiliate programs of over 4,500 amazing merchants, making them the equivalent of an affiliate candy store. There are so many programs to join that the abundance makes it hard to choose.

Why Join ShareASale?

As I said, ShareASale hosts thousands of advertisers that offer their affiliate links and banners to affiliates like you. 

Given the number of advertisers, the diversity in markets and industries is immense, and you should have no trouble finding the perfect program for your own content.

A quick tip: if you haven’t started your own blog yet, but are planning to do so, then I recommend reading my How to Start a Blog as a Newbie post.

Best Blogger Programs

One of the reasons you should join ShareASale if you also blog about blogging itself is that they are an affiliate partner for Tailwind.

Tailwind, in short, is a platform that helps you optimize, schedule, promote, and even create posts for Pinterest and Instagram. I have a post about it here: Get Better Pins in Less Time with Tailwind for Pinterest.

Do you write about SEO optimization and keyword research? They have several programs, with SEMrush being one of the best-known ones.  

And since 60% of the blogs run on WordPress, it is important to have a network that offers many WordPress-related programs. ShareASale has a lot ranging from hosting like NameCheap to performance-related like WP Rocket.

If you have a money blog and offer links to paid survey sites, then ShareASale has one of the most popular programs for you: Survey Junkie

How to Join?

That one is easy. Just go over to their website and find the ‘sign up’ button in the upper right corner. There are three sign-up options. Pick the ‘Affiliate Sign Up’ (presuming you want to register as an affiliate).

ShareASale SignUp

Now type your preferred username, a password and select your country.
Step 2 of the process is about your website. Next is entering your email, contact, and payment information. Just follow the steps. It’s easy.

Is it free to join?

Yes! In fact, if you encounter an affiliate marketing network that requires you to pay a fee or something like that: click away!

ShareASale is 100% free. It does not cost you any money to join.

Finding Your Links and Banners

You have a lot of ways to find merchants. The best place to start is the programs page, which you can find by clicking ‘Merchants > Search for Merchants’ in the menu:

ShareASale Search

Now you can browse through the categories, search for programs, merchants, or specific keywords, or check out the New Programs.

Is ShareASale legit?

Most certainly. Being a part of the Awin Group, having over 20 years of experience, 1,000+ employees, 15 offices, 15K+ merchants, and 200K+ publishers, there is no doubt that this is a legit company.

You will find lots of reviews on the web and a lot of bloggers use ShareASale for their affiliate content.

How do you get paid?

ShareASale makes payments once a month (around the 20th). They have 4 payment options:

  1. Physical Check sent via United States Postal Service
  2. Physical Check sent via FedEx (additional fees required)
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Payoneer

The latter might be the easiest and fastest, especially if you live outside the US. It is quite easy to sign up for a Payoneer account.


How does ShareASale work?

Basically, ShareASale connects merchants with an affiliate program to affiliates that publish the links.
They handle all the administration and make sure that payments are made to the affiliate by the terms of the merchant’s program.

How do you join an affiliate program?

On their website, you can search for merchants and programs that fit your niche.
When you find one, you can apply to the program by clicking ‘Join merchant.’

Most merchants will then review your application before accepting or declining, but some have a direct acceptance policy.

Where to find links and banners?

After acceptance, you can find the merchants you have joined on your dashboard or under the ‘Merchants’ link in the menu.
There is a ‘get links’ button behind every merchant’s entry.
It will provide you with all the visuals and links you can use for your content when you click it.

Website: ShareASale
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