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The Best Data Entry Jobs from Home

Last updated on: 05th Oct 2022
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Data entry jobs are perfect if you are looking for jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.
You don’t need a lot to start with it. Some basic computer skills and an internet connection are all it takes to get started. There are a lot of basic entry-level data entry jobs available, for instance on Amazon and Fiver.

Although some jobs require you to finish your work before a certain deadline, you are often free to work whenever it fits your schedule best. Perfect for a better balance between work and life or as a side gig to your day job.

How Does it Work?

Most of the data entry jobs work the same. You receive a piece of data in a raw and unstructured form. This could be the answers to a survey, images of hand-written letters, database dumps, etcetera.

Your job is to enter the data into another system and in a predefined format. A simple example would be to enter answers from a survey in an Excel worksheet.

It would seem that these kinds of tasks were ideal for artificial intelligence to perform, but the thing is that A.I. doesn’t do well with unstructured data. 

The data itself can be anything. From text to numbers to images or even audio fragments.

Some examples of tasks are:

  • Preparing and sorting data (documents)
  • Validating the data before it can get processed
  • Entering data into a database
  • Filling excel sheets
  • Describing images
  • Typing (convert handwritten text, rewrite in another format, etcetera)
  • Updating customer information
  • Enter business card information in a system
  • Preparing data to be printed

Transcription Jobs

A separate category of data entry jobs is that of a transcriptionist. There is also a longlist on this website, make sure to check it out because there are over 30 companies on that list too!

How Much Does Data Entry Pay?

I know that is probably not very smart, but I am starting to dislike mentioning how much money one can make with a job.

It is very simple and I believe that everybody knows this: work that everybody can do pays less than highly specialized work. You can earn more if you work faster or better than others, but as a starter, your pay will be low.

This is not a get-rich-quick job, but it has all the best perks of working at home and setting your own schedule. Often, this is more important than the amount on your paycheck.

The job is sometimes monotonous and not very stimulating, but if you are accurate and fast you may earn yourself a decent amount of money as a side income.

Finally, the Longlist:

  • Fiverr

    Website: Fiverr

    When it comes to side gigs and generating an extra income stream, Fiverr is heaven. It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.
    Let me show you some easy ways to make money with Fiverr.More about ‘Fiverr’ here

  • Amazon MTurk

    Website: Amazon MTurk

    Basically, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace for microtasks, or Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT), as they call it.

    These tasks are offered by ‘requesters’ and appear on your dashboard, where you can review the details and select them. 
    Some tasks can be started straight away, some will require a qualification.

    More about ‘Amazon MTurk’ here

  • microWorkers

    Website: microWorkers

    Like a lot of other microtasks websites, microWorkers allows you to make a small amount of money completing simple tasks.

    The tasks you can find on their website are quite diverse, ranging from data entry, testing, transcribe, take surveys, or promoting apps, and websites.
    Some of the tasks require you to activate them separately or extend your profile, but most tasks can be done immediately after signing up.

    More about ‘microWorkers’ here

  • Clickworker

    Website: Clickworker

    This company believes in utilizing the crowd in order to process projects fast and efficiently. If you are looking for typical side hustles to perform online, then their platform is perfect for you.

    Tasks, or microjobs as they call them, vary from creating or correcting texts, categorization, proofreading, research, testing, participating in surveys, taking pictures, or record audio and video files.

    More about ‘Clickworker’ here

  • Appen

    Website: Appen

    Founded in 1996 and with customers and offices all over the world, Appen is an experienced company that operates in the artificial intelligence market.

    They collect and label images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data in order to build and improve artificial intelligence systems.More about ‘Appen’ here

  • SigTrack

    Website: SigTrack
    Available in: US

    Basically, Sigtrack is a company that processes data, mostly connected to campaigns. They work with independent freelancers that will handle voter registrations for a couple of states.

    Because of the nature of the job, they only accept US residents and of course, you will have to provide proof of that.

    More about ‘SigTrack’ here

  • FlexJobs

    Website: FlexJobs

    FlexJobs is the website to find jobs you can do remotely, comfortably from home, or wherever you like.

    There is an enormous amount of jobs on FlexJobs, both part-time and full-time, so you might want to adjust your search filters before diving in.
    One of the useful search filters is the Remote Work Level filter. It will help you to pinpoint your search for the jobs you can do from home.

    More about ‘FlexJobs’ here

  • Capital Typing

    Website: Capital Typing

    Capital Typing offers a lot of services, including data entry and transcription. They post their available full-time/part-time job offers with a clear description.

  • The Smart Crowd

    Website: The Smart Crowd

    The Smart Crowd caters to a large community of freelancers all over the world. Jobs vary from data entry to reviewing websites or even transcription.

  • Indeed

    Website: Indeed

    At Indeed you will find a lot of different jobs, which makes this harder to categorize.

    For now, I will include some shortcuts to Data Entry jobs and Transcription Jobs

  • DataPlus

    Website: DataPlus

    DataPlus is mentioned often in lists with companies that provide data entry jobs. They are around since 1992 and offer accurate data entry from any format being handwritten originals, typed copy, or scanned images.

  • Southwestern Fundraising

    Website: Southwestern Fundraising

    Southwestern Fundraising, formerly known as Great American Companies, has one goal, and one goal only: helping kids. 
    They do this with campaigns that raise millions of dollars every year.

    Occasionally, twice a year in June and December, they have data entry job opportunities.

  • USA Data Entry

    Website: USA Data Entry
    Available in: US, CA

    USA Data Entry provides several services across many states from the USA and Canada.
    They are a customer-centric company that knows how to deal with all kinds of data entry jobs. From offline to online, from Excel to XML.

  • Upwork

    Website: Upwork

    Upwork started over 2 decades ago as the tech lead of a Silicon Valley startup needed the skills of a close friend in Athens. Since then they grew to a global company connecting independent professionals to customers in need of their skills.

    You can register yourself as a freelancer for all kinds of jobs, including data entry, transcription, or proofread

  • DionData Solutions

    Website: DionData Solutions
    Available in: US

    DionData Solutions provides quality, highly cost-efficient services to businesses in a real-time, 24/7 production environment.

    They are US-based and are committed to finding the right solutions for their customers to meet their needs without out-sourcing overseas.

  • Xerox

    Website: Xerox

    Yes, I mean that Xerox. The company of printers, copiers, and supplies.
    As it happens, they have work-from-home opportunities quite often.

    At the moment of this writing, there were opportunities for Customer Care, Software Programming, but also for Data Entry, Verification, and Image Tagging.

    I was not able to find out how flexible the working hours are, but I’m sure you can ask them yourself.

  • LionBridge

    Website: LionBridge

    With over 20 years of experience and a million crowd workers, world-wide LionBridge is a legit company that has great job opportunities for people that value flexibility in their work.

    They offer work opportunities in a lot of areas, including data entry, collection, and validation, to people with all kinds of backgrounds.

  • Axion Data Service

    Website: Axion Data Service

    While openings are very rare at Axion Data Entry Services, due to their stable workforce, you can register yourself through their website.

    Take a peek at the employment page to review their requirements.
    They ask for a (small) fee, which may seem odd. Their explanation is that prior to this fee their database with applicants grew that hard that it took way too much time and money to find the best fit.
    Asking a fee separates the serious applicants from the rest.

  • Working Solutions

    Website: Working Solutions
    Available in: US, CA

    Working Solutions was launch in 1996, even before major search engines or most social networks existed. They provided work-from-home opportunities from the start and have a lot of experience working with independent contractors.

  • PeoplePerHour

    Website: PeoplePerHour

    PeoplePerHour started in 2007 and has dedicated themselves ever since to connect businesses to their community of expert freelancers. And they did well, given the fact that they have connected over 1 million businesses and paid over 135 million GBP to their freelancers.

    As to be expected from a freelance network platform they have a lot of different jobs, including data entry jobs, proofreading jobs, and transcription jobs

  • AccuTran Global

    Website: AccuTran Global

    AccuTran Global, which has been around since 2002, provides transcription and related services. Occasionally they offer data entry jobs.

    Although they are widely known, their website, unfortunately, does not provide a lot of information. If you click on the Apply for Work button you will find the open positions and an email to send your inquiries to.


This concludes the list of best data entry jobs from home.  If you also add the list of transcription jobs to it, then there are a lot of jobs and side gigs available out there. And of course, you can always start your own business.

Starting as a freelance Data Entry Clerk is a matter of just getting your business out there. With sites like Fiverr and Amazon MTurk, there are very few reasons why you should not be able to start right away.

Building up experience, both in Data Entry as in freelancing will get you to the next level.

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