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  • how to connect to your audience with Tailwind

    If you want to get the most out of Pinterest, without spending hours of your time on your Pins, then you should use Tailwind for sure.

    Let me explain Tailwind and what you can do with it in this first article of a series of posts on how to get the most out of Tailwind.More about Get Better Pins in Less Time with Tailwind for Pinterest here

  • Use Canva to Save Time Creating Visuals


    February 21, 2021 |

    There are a gazillion images that you can buy or download for free, but when it comes to that picture that you need for your blog…
    No problem, I hear you think, there are also hundreds of photo-editing applications available, so let’s get one.

    But when you start them and take a look at all the tools the user interface offers you, you feel the first signs of frustration, growing in the back of your mind.

    And then there was Canva!

    More about Canva here

  • create board covers for Pinterest in minutes

    Would you like to give your Pinterest boards a more professional look? Then keep on reading as I will explain in this easy step-by-step mini-tutorial how you can create Pinterest board covers in minutes!

    More about Create Pinterest Board Covers in Minutes here

  • Tailwind

    December 5, 2020 |

    To be honest, I have just recently found out about Tailwind, but I like it already.
    Tailwind lets you schedule your pins, photos, and videos.

    You might wonder why you would schedule your pins instead of pinning them to Pinterest immediately.

    More about Tailwind here

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